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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Lucy 04/30 Labradoodle
Rikki 04/13 Labradoodle
Judy Ackerman writes:

Lucy is 14 months old. Her mother was a white lab and her father was a standard apricot poodle. She is gorgeous (apricot) and very large (about 75 pounds). She is super hyperactive and loves everyone.

We just got Rikki a month ago---she is 12 weeks old and already weighs 23 pounds. Her mom was a white standard poodle and her dad was a chocolate lab. Rikki is black. They get along wonderfully...and can play for hours. Lucy is a fun and loving "big sister" for Rikki. If you look at #794 (Sassy) she had just had her 20th birthday a year ago last spring. And although the listing for Sassy says she was part terrier/part "standard poodle"...she was part toy poodle. She was the love of my husband's and mine lives...and we grieved deeply when she died from a brain tumor.

Judy Ackerman Edmond, Oklahoma

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