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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Tyson 09/11 Boxer
Daisey 01/15 Jack Russell Terrier
Dee Sadler writes:

Daisey is a snotty JRK, and a lapdog when in the house. She likes nothing better than to give hugs and play ball, in that order. haha She hates our newest dog, Tyson, a handsome large Boxer. He of course doesn't even know she's there most of the time, and even steps on her. He's a typical clown who snores, boxes when he play fights, and is afraid of the silliest things. He's my 17 year olds dog, and it's funny to watch my petite daughter walk such a guy. The Jack Russel won't admit she likes him, but I've caught her sleeping next to him. :)

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