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HiDee 02/16 Rottweiler / Labrador
Steven Dwayne Bryk writes:

I'd like to tell you about a pet that "saved my life". I am a person with AIDS. I got HiDee, The Dog in the year (1999) that I was diagnosed with AIDS (living with HIV since 1980). She was my therapeutic dog...little did I know that this little puppy of 6 weeks old would rehabilitate me and push for forward to wellness. Unfortunately, last week, at 8 years old, HiDee, The Dog died of cancer. She was a brilliant, amazing, intelligent dog (who had the brilliance of a lab and the compassion of a rotweiller). I regard HiDee as the dog that saved my life, for every day in my initial diagnosis, we went out to the beautiful Stanley Park to play Frisbee...I meritoriously give her the "Frisbee Champion of the World" Award. Passing on well ahead of her years, she will be remembered as the animal that saved my life. And so ironically, last week, I was re-diagnosed with AIDS once again. Deja vous. Having lost such an incredible dog (who loved water and my cat, Spittz, even more), another journey has begun for me and perhaps, in time, another HiDee may emerge...but for now...sleep, beautiful dog, sleep.

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