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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Sam 10/28 Rottweiler Great Dane Mix
Skip 11/12 Jack Russell Terrier
Thomas E. Elliott writes:

Sam showed up on our doorstep about 1:00 AM on a cold October night afflicted with mange and malnourished. I took an old blanket and put it out in the garage for him he was so grateful. My wife wanted no part of him but his personality and genuine warmth won her over. I got him to the vet and got the mange cured, he went from 90 to 130 lbs. One great dog! Skip was given to us by a relative who found him stray with no collar, they tried to find the owner without success so we took him. He is constantly racing around you really have to be fast if you don't want him to get out a door when it is opened. It is quite a show when the two of them start playing a 15 lbs. dog versus a 130 lbs. dog, they really enjoy romping around.

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dog friend
dog friend