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Ebony Star Sapphire 12/16 Pomeranian
Jenny Sutherlnad writes:

Our diabetic Pom, Conan another dog friend here at Small Dog, passed away to the Bridge on Jan 09/07. He was close to 13 1/2 years old, and had age related kidney failure. A number of weeks later we went to a little dog boutique and met this little baby. I at first said no, as I was still stinging from Conan's passing. But, the heart of mine was in her little paws and we went and got her on March 27th 07. She'll most likely be about 5 lbs or so. Not too big, just little.... Bless her baby heart! I even made a comic about her at my homepage

She's my little heart and has bonded with our old Toby and Peanut. Fax, tatertot and Ebbie are still figuring each other out, but tatertot plays with her and she gives him a ration of guff everyday. He just hides under the bed when he's had enough...