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Molly 04/10 Australian Shepherd
Mary Cole writes:

Molly is a common name for an uncommon dog. We also call her Muttski, although she is a purebred Australian Shepherd. She was one of eleven (!) puppies from a blue merl dad and a white mom with black spots. I love her naturally short tail... none of those "clear the coffee table" tails on this dog. And, of course, she has those wonderful doggy "radar ears" that telegraph her feelings about the subject under discussion. (She has a large vocabulary and we resort to spelling a lot.) She's quite the lady... fantastic eye makeup, white opera gloves, white stockings, and a lovely white scarf around her neck. A beautiful dog.

Molly has had Addison's disease since she was about 7 years old, but with a shot once a month and half a pill buried in cream cheese every day she continues to be a happy healthy pup. While she doesn't like going to the vet, she does like her vet who is absolutely wonderful with her.

Incredibly bright, food oriented, radio fence trained, squirrel / turkey / raccoon / bunny / chipmunk chasing, defender of the property, and generally stinky dog, Molly is a love. She's a happy snow dog in the winter and a lazy couch potato in the summer. She sleeps under our bed, barks at the scent of any animal that traversed the yard the night before, and whines in a moving car but is happy to sit in a stationary car with an open door.

Friend to all, she'd leave us for the UPS man in a flash. In our area it's the UPS man who always has the dog cookies. She'll even run along the yard by the street when she sees the brown UPS truck. She loves him. The FedEx guy not so much. When we had a new roof installed, she would visit each roofer in turn at lunch time and sit patiently until they turned over part of their meal. She's quite shameless. And persuasive.

Molly is a treasure and a friend as only a dog can be.

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