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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Pugsley 02/19 Pug
Paisley 01/18 Pug
Angie M. writes:

I have 4 pugs, Pugsley, Otis, Carmine, and Paisley. I've had dogs all my life but have always wanted a pug. Well one turned into 2 and so on. We have adopted 2 pugs, Paisley from the GMPR and Carmine from another family member who passed away.

Pugsley is a silly pug who loves to have her teeth brushed. Paisley is a pug that I adopted from GMPR and she always has a stuffed toy! Both my pugs LOVE to have their teeth brushed (I'm also a vet tech)- yes, you can really brush their teeth! I live out in the country in Vermont where my pugs get to sniff the fresh air.

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