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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Fred 03/02
Rudy 01/31 Australian Shepherd / Collie
Norma Young writes:

Fred died recently at 15 yrs old. I was devastated. He was my constant companion and the dog love of my life. He was so tired he just could not go on. He was ready but I wasn't ready for him to go. Before he left me I asked him to please find me someone who needed me - I would be so very lonely - I have never been without a dog before.

Last week I found Rudy. Or maybe Fred found him for me. He is in a shelter in KY and is being transported to me 1/31. He is an older dog - 6 yrs and has been in the shelter for 3 months and was scheduled to be euthanized soon. I was the only applicant for him. I am so excited! I miss my friend Fred so very much and I am thankful he found me someone who needs me as much as I need them.

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