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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Bella 07/11
Nina N/A Pure sheltie!
Deb and Ray Puerini writes:

Bella, our terrier/chihuahua mix, was adopted 11-29-07. She is a super high energy dog, loves to go running with Ray every other day for 6 miles and comes back hardly out of breath.

Nina, our lovable sheltie, was adopted 8-5-08, born 6-8-99, making her a laid-back 10 years old! She loves to bark and chew clothing left on the floor. She lvoes to have her tummy rubbed and gives kisses without abandon. She does the "sheltie waddle" as she has some love handles to deal with.

We also have 2 himalayan sisters who are also adopted, their birthday is 5-9-05 and we adopted them 1-29-07. Their names are Pasha and Sasha. Sasha has a little sight problem and when nervous spins in a clockwise direction. Pasha is very much in love with Ray and loves to be petted and she licks him and looks up at him with pure love in her eyes. They were so shy when we first adopted them we did not see them for 3 months - they hid under every piece of furniture they could find. They are finally coming out of their shells but still are very timid and run when new people come.

We also have a tuxedo cat named Pearl who was adopted October 2007, she was near death according to her rescuer and still has many problems but is just a love bug and is not afraid of any of the dogs - she has a beautiful personality and purrs like crazy whenever you touch her.

The pictures are #1 Bella, #2 Nina, and #3 Bella and Nina protecting our back yard from those vicious babies in strollers always going by!

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dog friend