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Annie N/A Jack Russell Terrier
John Summers writes:

Saturday, June 30, 2001 10:14 AM

This is Annie, our Jack Russell Terrier. One Saturday, in February 2000, my wife saw and ad in the newspaper for a free Jack Russell. We live in Jacksonville Florida and the dog was in Lake City, a 60 mile journey. What I said was: "Just what we need, another dog!" But as my wife was very ill (and since become totally disabled) I thought I would play along.

Annie had been living outside in a kennel and was being used for breeding. She was so small that the vet told the owner that after her first litter she could have no more puppies, so they had no more use for her. We have two other dogs. A mutt and a Cairn Terrier from rescue that we drove to South Florida to get. Annie "is the angel from heaven" that has gotten us through some terrible and difficult times with my wife's health and the BS from insurance companies. I love her and thank God we made that 120 mile round trip to get her.

John Summers