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Blanca N/A Australian Shepherd
Charles De Long writes:

Wednesday, July 11, 2001 9:10 AM

This is Blanca. She is now nine months old and a red-merle Australian Shepherd. We adopted her in mid-June of 2001 as a companion for our twelve year old male aussie Dundee. Sadly, we lost our two older female aussies between April and the end of June this year.

Caighley and Matilda (at photo location #128 on this site) were very close to Dundee and he to them. We were afraid he would just pine away without his two companions, so we found Blanca for him! Blanca was able to fit right in. She's very sweet and also, very fond of Dundee. Her youth brings a new vitality to our old boy. She also really fat! Her previous owner gave her LOTS of Milkbones and table scraps, along with her regular dog food. We're hoping to have her nice and slim by the end of summer. We miss our Caighley and Matilda a great deal, but Blanca is doing her best to help fill the gap.

Charles De Long
Chino Hills, CA