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Chica N/A Labrador Retriever
Lady & Ace N/A Australian Shepherd / Siberian Husky
Ace, Lady & Chica writes:

Fri, 10 Aug 2001 20:15:13 EDT

Hi guys,

We're Chica, Lady and Ace. We're a Black Lab, an Aussie Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. We're known as the Three Musketeers where we live and play. We live on a mountain in Colorado and one of our favorite pastimes is moseying over the mountain to visit neighbors who always give us treats. Okay, so we love to chase squirrels, too, but we never harm them. It's fun to see 'em scramble up a tree.

We also have a notorious interest in porcupines and get to visit the vet about five times a year to have quills removed from face and nose. Gotta tell you it drives our human pet nuts. Know what? The vet gave Lady a trophy that says, "Lady -- #1 porcupine chaser." It's real neat because all the words are formed from the quills that the vet removed and glued to a piece of wood. We gotta keep the trophy away from our buddy Red Dog because he loves to chew on wood until it is sawdust. We think maybe he's got a little emotional problem so we share our toys and bones with him and play with him when he comes over to visit which is every day, all day.

If you ever get to Colorado come on over and visit us and play with us. In the meanatime, maybe you'll display our photo on your website?

Ace, Lady, Chica