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Dog Friend #49

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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Bandit N/A Pomeranian
Pipsqueak N/A Pomeranian
H.Pete writes:

Subject: Add to your gallery
Date: 10/30/97 12:37 PM
Received: 10/30/97 1:52 PM
From: H.Pete,

Greeting from Bandit (on the left) and Pipsqueak (on the right). Bandit
is about 6 years old. We can?t be sure because he was obtained from the
Humane Society after being picked up on the streets of Miami. At that
time he weighed 3 pounds, had a gimpy leg and one bad eye. He still has
the bad eye but he now is quite healthy and weighs 7 pounds. Pip is 13
and for his age is in fine fettle. He also weighs in at about 7 pounds.
These are Poms #3 and 4 that have trained me to care for them over the
past 33 years. Poms are great companions as I'm sure the boys from Small
Dog will testify. Not only do they sit on your lap while you play with
your computer, they don?t need constant upgrading ;-).

Great web site. It's nice to see business conducted with some humor.

H. Peter Blum

UPDATE AS OF Feb 2, 2001:

Thought I would send you a better photo and update since the
original was sent on 10/30/97.
In this photo Pip is on the left and Bandit on the right. Both
guys are still going strong as Pip nears his 17th birthday. To
see more of them check out their web page at

By the way, my new address is:

H. Peter Blum