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Oskar 11/15 German Shepherd Dog
Thea Robson writes:

Mon, 18 Mar 2002 17:10:53 -0500

This is Oskar. In a way, I have the Small Dog people to thank for him! My wonderful husband (Rene Churchill - - the people legs on the left) consults for Small Dog and is a Spaniel person, I on the other hand have always loved German Shepherds, especially the big gentle long-coated strain of Shepherds. In a meeting with a Small Dog guy some time ago Rene was asked if he had any dogs, "No, not yet, my wife and I have been talking about it though." "Oh, what breed are you thinking of?" was the reply. Where-upon Rene told him the Spaniel vs. Shepherd discussions. "Just cut to the chase and get the Shepherd" was the answer. Thank you!

Oskar (so named by our 8 year old son - the people legs on the right) is just four months old and we have only had him since Thursday. He's only 35 lb.s, but he won't be a small dog for long! Oskar is bright, sweet-natured, healthy and calm! He's a little mom-centric right now but already has shown that he is happiest when his whole family is together in the same space. In two days he learned to sit when his lead is clipped on and removed, in three days he learned his name, and in two walks outside he learned where his pee-place is and makes a bee-line for it! His noble looks hide a comical side and a huge love of snuggling!

His bigger, and just as sweet, brother is still being advertised in the Burlington Free Press and I recommend him highly - act quick, our vet is interested in him! (But it was Osk who stole my heart at first lick!)

Thanks again!

Thea Churchill Robson
Waterbury Ctr., VT