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Cowboy N/A Pomeranian
Karen Loveless writes:

Thu, 20 Jun 2002 22:37:21 -0400

Well what can I say -- it has been over six months since I was blessed
with adopting my little Cowboy! He has been such a joy in my life and I cherish every moment with him. He has come pretty far in the last six months and I am so proud of him.

Cowboy has gone from a despondent, introverted mill dog to a happy, loving and often cocky family furbaby. He was so scared when I first got him. He would barely look at me and cowered at every little movement or loud noise. He would chew rawhides but did not play with toys. He would interact with Abigail some but not Grady. He hated my husband! He would pace endlessly in the back yard always searching for freedom.

Well I just killed him with kindness and love. He eventually would make some eye contact with me and felt safer in my arms than anywhere. I held him all of the time because I knew he needed that security. He slowly stopped pacing as much as he got used to the house. He still had his moments and would resort back to pacing if anything scared him. He would also hide in the corner behind a big planter we have. He barked at my husband all the time and even tried to bite him.

As we gained his trust he started to blossom. He slowly started looking at the world as not such a scary place. He would actually explore a little and he even took interest in some toys but still didn't play with them. He started to give Grady a little attention and he and Abigail now played. He was excited about meal times and was anxious for his own bowl -- no sharing or fighting for food ever again! He loves treats and learned that there are some good things in life with people.

Now Cowboy has gained a little weight, his coat has grown and he is now a happy camper. He loves to play with Abigail and Grady. He runs around barking at everything and protecting us from the world. He is so cocky sometimes and shows it like a true Pom by prancing around like they do. He just struts his stuff. He wakes up every morning and celebrates another day of freedom. Lounging on a big sleigh bad isn't a bad life!

Cowboy has finally learned that toys are big fun. He will grab a toy and run with it into "his" room. I have seen him playing tug-o-war with Abigail. I cannot tell you how good my three furbabies get along. It makes me so happy to watch them. We are still working on his relationship with Jeff but even that has changed for the good. He likes him a lot when he is giving him people food and he is fine with him if we are in bed but still is very leery of him otherwise. I don't blame him. He may look like the scary monsters at the mill.

Overall I think Cowboy is adjusting fine. He still marks but we all have faults, right? He still has many scars from his life in the mill but he has also learned that I will not let anything or anyone ever hurt him again. I love him with all of my heart!!

Karen, Jeff and PMR Pom Cowboy, Pom Abigail and Cock-a-Poo Grady and
my kitties!

Also from Poms Bridgette and Spritzer who are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us. We will never forget you!

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