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Happy N/A Pomeranian
Linda and Dick writes:

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 08:33:35 EDT

Subject: PMR Cherry (now known as Happy)

I am sending you this story on Happy and would like for you to include it on your website. Knowing that you too have adopted one of our PMR dogs, I thought you would enjoy hearing Happy's story. Although it has a very sad beginning, it does have a wonderful ending.

I am also sending another story on my other PMR dog that we adopted last
November. Cherry, a female Pomeranian, is lucky, she was rescued from the
puppy mills at the tender age of two on February 17th, 2001. This is a young age for a dog to be free of the prison life of the puppy miller, but Cherry had to endure more pain and suffering than any dog should ever have to see.

It is possible Cherry was not a good breeding dog and failed to make her
miller money. Her ears were either cut off next to her head to remove tattoos so her papers could be used for another dog or frozen during winter weather. Only Cherry and her past owner will know the answer to that.

Her little neck bears scars from a collar she had out-grown and was not
removed. With the sad life Cherry knew it is hard to believe she is the perky loving and trusting little dog she is today.

Now Cherry has a new name. Her name is like her, her name is Happy. She
now has a real family and a Pom brother named Tuffy and they are the best
of friends.

Dick and I brought Happy into our lives on 3-11-01 and from that day forward we promised that she would never be hurt again in any way by any body and we have fulfilled that promise to her. In addition, we promised to love and cherish her and provide the most wonderful home she could ever have and we have done that, too.

Linda and Dick
Tuffy, PMR Happy, PMR Wee Willy, & Wee Princess
Application Processor & PMR Foster Mom

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