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Wee Willy N/A Pomeranian
Linda and Dick writes:

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 08:45:50 EDT

Subject: PMR Wee Prince William (AKA Wee Willy)

Here is the story of my other PMR rescue. He is a special needs male Pomeranian senior that we brought into our hearts and home last November 2001. Jean, President of Puppymill Rescue asked that we send these stories and pictures to you. Hope you can use them.

Wee Willy has been with us for six months. He is a 10 year old, toothless, almost blind, special needs 3 1/2 lb Pom and the most precious little guy you would ever want to meet. If a senior can be spoiled rotten, that is what Wee Willy is, but he takes it all in stride. He has a way of looking up at you from the floor as if he is saying "please pick me up". And, of course, you do. Even
strangers fall under Wee Willy's spell. I have had people that aren't "dog people" pick him up and cuddle him. I never say a word, Wee One does all the talking necessary to get his share of loving and cuddling.

When he first arrived, after he was rescued from his entire life in the puppymill, he would run circles around and around and around Dick's recliner until he picked him up and put him in his lap every night. Now he has his Daddy trained. As soon as Dick sits down, Wee Willy sits in the floor in front of him and Daddy, of course, picks him up immediately. : ) Did I mention what a smart little guy Wee One is?

When he first came to us he was rather skinny and bony and had a very sparse coat. Since he has no teeth, I always soak Willy's kibble, then run it through the food processor. In six months, he has gained weight, muscle tone, and has almost doubled his coat.

Wee Willy, is indeed, a very, very special angel sent to all of us to make us smile and to make us happy. If you ever get to meet Wee Willy in person, you will understand what I mean when I say "there's just something about Wee Willy".

Take a look at the attached photo and I think you, too, will see what I am talking about.

Linda and Dick
Tuffy, PMR Happy, PMR Wee Willy, & Wee Princess
Application Processor & PMR Foster Mom

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