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Dog Friend #70

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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Fur Elise N/A Beagle

Subject: 2 small dogs nose to nose
Date: 10/10/98 15:42
Received: 10/10/98 15:45

After our 13 year old beagle died late in August, we searched for breeders
via the Net and located a litter of puppies 5 miles from our home! They were
born the same day ours died.
Now that seven weeks have elapsed, we've picked up our new puppy, named "Fur
Elise". This photo shows her nose to nose with her sister at age four weeks;
she is on the right.
Beagles hate to get wet, and wouldn't ya know it but it's been raining cats
and dogs ever since we got her home last night! Training her has been off to a
slow start, to say the least.