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Rainer N/A German Shepherd Dog
Douglas Fairchild writes:

Subject: Re: Rainer
Date: 9/26/98 13:21
From: Douglas Fairchild,
To: Mark Engelhardt,

Just before dawn last Christmas season, Lynne let the cat out the front
door and bent down to pick up the newspaper. As she was closing the metal
security door, a creep who had been going through my car, apparently
searching for the garage door opener, attacked her with a hatchet.

She was quick enough to close and bolt both doors before three home
invasion terrorists could rush in. One of them got through the steel
"security" door with one swipe of the hatchet. Then they took turns trying
to batter the main door down. Our lives were saved by the fact that I had
reinforced the striker plate of our steel clad front door by replacing
those little bitty screws that come with the latch assembly, with some big,
long ones that went clear into the 2x4's of the house frame. The door frame
was shattered, but it held until a neighbor scared them off.

After it was over, I went to see why Billy and Katy hadn't barked. Katy was
trembling behind the bed, and my good old fearless but deaf Billy woke up
and said, "Hi, Dad, what's up?" Then the sun came up and the Deputy Sheriff
arrived. My cousin said 911 is what you call to tell them where to send the

That afternoon we bought a twelve gauge shotgun and keep it loaded. We went
to the SPCA and found a big German Shepherd with excellent hearing . His
former mistress had given him up because an apartment she wanted to move
into didn't allow dogs. Now Rainer has a home with two people, two dogs,
two ducks and a cat who love him. I have found out exactly what totally
helpless feels like but they won't find helpless at this house again.
Rainer knows his job as Knight of the Castle, and takes to it as if he had
been born to it.

Here he is in Deep Canyon, way up in the mountains on the Middle Fork of
the American River. His original name was "Niner" as in San Francisco
Forty-niner" but we thought a German Shepherd ought to have a proper German
name. Rainer is an ancient and respectable one, fitting for a hero, and it
rhymes with "Niner", so he recognized it instantly, perhaps thinking we
just had funny accents.

Best regards,

Doug Fairchild

Douglas Fairchild POB 393 North Highlands, CA 95660 (916) 338-2601

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