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Rosie O' Doggie N/A Beagle / Dachshund
Ray Robertson writes:

Fri Jan 10, 2003 4:15:17 PM US/Eastern

This is Rosie O' Doggie and friends. She is part beagle and part dachshund,
or as Dave Barry would say, a nose with legs.

Rosie is the sweetest dog in the world. Since being rescued from the pound
five years ago, she has never growled at a human. She threatens intruders
with a thorough licking.

Rosie has some gender confusion issues (hiking her leg to pee), and species
confusion issues (several cat-like habits, including the way she jumps). Her
favorite activity is going on walks to collect and send her latest pee-mail.
Trash cans, trees and, ironically, mailboxes are the highest traffic pop and
smtp servers.

Rosie is also a sun dog. Only on the hottest days of a Georgia summer will
she seek the shade, and in the winter she will get so close to a gas heater
that we are afraid her fur will be singed.

Ray Robertson
Scripting Matters, Inc.