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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Lady N/A Cocker Spaniel
Sir Home A Lot N/A Cocker Spaniel
Paula Micallef writes:

Wed Jan 22, 2003 1:02:09 PM US/Eastern

Dear Small Dog,

These are our two Cocker Spaniels, Lady (on the left) and Sir Home A Lot (on the right). Sir Home A Lot was the off-spring of our beloved (now deceased) Cockers, Creme de la Creme and Jean Luc. He is a wonderful, loving guy. His lovely companion, Lady, was abandoned at a local PetCo. We adopted
her the moment we saw her. She is as loving as her male companion and smart as can be. We adore both of them and as you can tell by the picture they think they are royalty. As it should be. And as Sir Home A Lot will tell you, "It is good to be the King!"

Thank you for allowing us to share our babies with you.

Best Regards,
Paula Micallef