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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Bailey N/A Australian Shepherd / Golden Retriever
Kiley N/A Australian Shepherd
Ann Whitman writes:

Wed Feb 12, 2003 10:07:12 PM US/Eastern


Have you ever seen a sweeter face? This small snow pup is half Australian Shepherd and half golden retriever. Bailey loves tunneling in the snow and chewing up sticks. He's eight weeks old in this photo and growing fast! He's 14 weeks old now and weighs almost 25 pounds.

Don't look now, but that sweet little face has a devilish side, too! Kiley, our
mellow five-year-old Australian Shepherd puts up with a lot of chewing from
Bailey's sharp little puppy teeth.

Bailey and Kiley had a great time at your retail store's grand opening celebration. They highly recommend the liver biscotti to your other canine customers.

Best wishes!
Bolton, VT