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Dog Friend #888

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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Chloe N/A Pug
Lucy N/A Pug
Tiffany and Jesse Mellon writes:

Thu Feb 27, 2003 1:48:41 PM US/Eastern

Chloe-pug and Lucy-pug are the owners of Tiffany and Jesse-humans. As you can see they have fire in their eyes and are most likely contemplating how to get into trouble -- probably what will be chewed up next. Their humans have become accustomed to the nightly chore of picking up all their chew toy stuffing, re-sewing, just so they can start ripping it apart all over again.

Chloe is currently learning to kiss (aka lick) on the command "make-out",
making passer-byers everywhere cringe.

-Tiffany and Jesse Mellon