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Tippi & Kanu N/A Pomeranian
Tyler N/A Pomeranian
Alisa writes:

Mon Mar 31, 2003 12:12:16 AM US/Eastern

We would like to be posted on your site too. Besides being cute and lovable
Poms, we are smart and love to travel. We weigh 4lbs, 5lbs and 9lbs and travel in our doggie bag. We live in California and our parents Jeff and Alisa take us out all the time. When they're ready to go, we jump in our bag and usually get to go with them. Our parents always get a lot of compliments on how well behaved we are... we even get our own party invitations. We have travelled by plane, auto and motorhome. We have our parents trained right, we even sleep wherever we want, usually on their pillows. We know we're very special and appreciate how they spoil us... we get whatever we want. Next we hope to travel real far and meet your kids too.