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Jessie N/A German Shepherd Dog / Airedale Terrier
Tom Rosenberg writes:

Sat May 10, 2003 10:39:56 PM US/Eastern

Hi, My name is Jessie, i'm a German Shepherd/Airedale Terrier mix. I like to go on walks, go on runs, go on bike rides, play, chew on bones, and i like to Lick.

I am vary happy with my eMac purchase, Thank you Small dog!

Sometimes my human says i'm "To adventurous for my own good". I think he might be referring to the time I got hit by a car on the highway, they stopped enough so that i was not hurt. But that was still really scary. I was so scared that i ran away for a night, it was really cold, but in the morning i found his coat and shortly after he came. Then there was that time i got the nickname 'Porcupine Face'. i could not put my face down there was so many quills!

Once i got my lip spelt open by a beaver, I didn't even know they could bite
anything but wood. Well my paws are getting tried so i'll log out.

Till next time.