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Dog Friend #94

dog friend
Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Tolland N/A Mutt
Tillie N/A Australian Cattle Dog
kramer N/A Pug
Lainey writes:

Date: 8/11/99 6:20 PM
Received: 8/11/99 6:22 PM
From: Lainey,
Hi there.....

I have sent updated photos of my dogs, so they can be placed on one
page! You can remove #24 and #55 as they are of my two dogs Tillie and

This is the updated story and photos to accompany them....

We have 3 dogs. "Tolland" is the Doberman mix. "Tillie" is the
Australian Cattle Dog. "Kramer" is the baby of the family. He is a Pug
dog. Kramer is a comic and loves to make us laugh with his antics! He
loves everyone. He also loves to eat! Tillie is extremely intelligent.
She can outsmart the other two dogs, and can be a bit moody if you show
more attention to the others. Tolland is the matriarch, the leader of
the three. She is the eldest, and what she says goes, though the other
two try to dethrone her on occasion.

I only happened to check out the dog pics, because my mouse is on the
blink, and I came here to order another one!


Kim& Elaine
Tolland, Tillie, and Kramer