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Sammie N/A Siberian Husky / Labrador Retriever
Sue writes:

Mon Jun 16, 2003 2:17:49 AM US/Eastern

This is my girl Sammie, who I rescued from the shelter last summer when she was 11 months old. A lab-husky mix (Labradusky? Huskydor?), she's definitely still got the puppybrain thing. Despite that, she's turning into a pretty good citizen. She's a bit shy, but very curious about people, very gentle, and has the sweetest eyes that charm everyone she meets. She's definitely a contender for the title of Spoiledest Dog in the World, as you can see from the picture!

Grandma says, "I never knew my grandchild would be a dog."

Sammie's chief joys in life include sleeping, nibbling on the edges of the toilet
paper rolls, morning walks, munching on fresh mulch, sleeping, protecting the house from any of the other neighborhood dogs who might harbor the ambition to rob it, chasing squirrels, birdies, and bunnies, afternoon walks, sleeping under my bed (I have no idea how a 70lb dog manages to FIT under my bed), and chewing on rawhides. And the occasional sock. And the occasional shoe. And the occasional sweatshirt. And...

If you could post Sammie's picture, we both think it would be pretty cool!