Ethernet Crossover Cable - 10ft


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Category 5e Crossover Patch Cables are used in Ethernet 10/100Base-T network applications. Each Belkin UTP patch cable is fully tested prior to shipment and is configured to maintain proper pair integrity.

This cable will provide superior network performance and can be used to connect a PC/MAC with an Ethernet 10/100Base-T card directly to a second 10/100/Base-T PC/MAC without the need for a hub. It can also be used for hub-to-hub cascading applications whenever a crossover cable is required.

This cable is not designed to go from a PC/MAC to a faceplate, patch panel or hub application that requires a standard straight-through Category 5e cable. It is fully compliant with Category 5e specifications, and meets/exceeds the requirements of the Ethernet IEEE 802.3ab specifications.


  • Category 5e Rated Cable
  • PVC Cable Jacket
  • Gold-Plated Copper Contacts


Technical Information:

Manufacturer Product#: Crossover


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