FB-DIMM 667MHz DDR2 1GB - Ram Module

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MFR Part #:
DM61 666-1
Part #:
10 year, factory
Ships Today

Ships Today



Must be installed in pairs - recommended to install in sets of 4

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Customer Review by: Ted on September 15th, 2006

I have also had the 2-1Gig kit installed in my 2.66Mhz. Mac Pro for several days with absolutely zero problems. I ran the extended Apple Hardware test and the TechTool Pro tests but more importantly have worked extensively with Photoshop, InDesign, GoLive, Mail, Safari, Word and Filemaker all almost always running concurrently and never a hiccup! Very fast even in Rosetta and very smooth. I shut it down after 12 hours of operation to feel the heat sinks and compare them to Apple's and they were too close in temperature to tell them apart. This really suprised me as the Apple heat sink is much bigger and more elaborate. I'm very satisfied!

Customer Review by: oneear on September 12th, 2006

I received a 2GB kit four days ago and it is working flawlessly!! The heatsink is different from the ones that came with the factory installed memory. The Small Dog kit came with flat heat spreaders that are very HEAVY and do the job very well. I have put the memory through the ringer by testing it with the "Remember" memory utility for a little over 8 hours. No errors reports, kernel panics or lock ups. I ran the following programs simultaneously: Photoshop CS (a true memory hog) Apature iTunes (converting 150+ songs from MP3 to AAC) Word Safari After a couple of hours my Mac Pro was very quiet and still problem free. I highly recomend this product! Thank You Small Dog!!