FB-DIMM 800MHz DDR2 4gb - Ram Module

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MFR Part #:
DM61 678-1
Part #:
10 year, factory
Ships Friday, 11/15

Ships Friday, 11/15



Must be installed in pairs - recommended to install in sets of 4

For use with 8-core Mac Pros introduced January 2008. Ten-year warranty.

Install more memory in your Mac Pro in a snap, literally. You don’t have to dig around inside the computer or wrestle with wires or cables. With a total of eight DIMM slots available, you can install up to 32GB of 800MHz ECC fully buffered DIMM memory.

To maximize performance in the Mac Pro and Xserve always use matched quads (four RAM chips at a time.) When adding memory always add in matched sets and add to stay in sets of four, either add 4, or add a set of two to make a set of four. The rule of thumb is one GB per core, so for heavy processing these new machines really perform best with 8GB.

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