Kinesis Incline Accessory for Freestyle USB Ergo Keyboard


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Accessory Kit for use with Freestyle, Includes Incline Base, Palm Rests, And Palm Pads

What About This?


The Solo keyboard mounts easily onto the Incline base providing a moderate fixed tenting angle and adjustable splay of both keying modules.


  • 10-degree fixed tenting of keying modules reducing pronation of forearms and wrists.
  • Adjustable splay (up to 30 degrees) of both keying modules.
  • Keying modules can be locked at any given splay angle.
  • Markings in 10 degree increments are embossed on the base, to facilitate reproducible splay settings.
  • Padded palm supports.
  • The Solo keyboard can be easily removed from the base for individuals that require greater separation but no tenting.
  • Ideal replacement for fixed split and tented keyboards such as the Microsoft Natural.
  • For individuals that only require a moderate slope but need adjustable splay.
  • In any situation where a user wants to reduce the reach for a pointing device.
  • Multiple user workstations.

Please Note: Keyboard sold Separately


Product Information

Physical Specifications

  • Max Height: 2 7/8-inches
  • Max Depth: 10 1/16-inches

Two (2) year limited warranty from Kinesis

What’s in the Box

  • 1 × 10 degree fixed base
  • 1 x set of right & left integrated palm supports
  • 1 x set of replaceable, padded palm pads

Manufacturer Product#: AC710-WHT


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