PC5300 SO-DIMM 4GB DDR2-667 - Ram Module

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MFR Part #:
DM50 191
Part #:
10 year, factory
Ships Friday, 11/15

Ships Friday, 11/15


Any 2.2GHz or faster MacBook Pro (excluding 2.33GHz models), and any MacBook made in November 2007 or later (including all aluminum models), supports 6GB of RAM (and not 4GB as Apple suggests).

Any 2.2GHz or faster MacBook Pro will accommodate the upgrade. You can tell the speed of your Mac by selecting About This Mac from the Apple menu on the upper-left corner of your screen.

MacBooks manufactured in the 48th week of 2007 or later qualify for the 6GB RAM upgrade. The most reliable way to determine if a MacBook qualifies for this upgrade is to parse its serial number.

The MacBook’s serial number is deliberately constructed. The first two characters reveal where the machine was manufactured, the third reveals the year of manufacture, and the fourth and fifth characters reveal the exact week it was manufactured. For example, take a hypothetical serial number “W88231FMYK0”. W8 indicates that the machine was made in the Shanghai, China facility. The second 8 indicates the year of manufacture (2008). And the fourth and fifth characters show the week it was made. Thus, this serial number shows that the MacBook was made in Shanghai in the 23rd week of 2008.

When you look at your serial number, you can ignore the first two characters, as it really does’t matter where your machine was made. But make sure the third character is 7 followed by 48 or higher. Any MacBook made in 2008 qualifies for the upgrade.

Small Dog technician Matt Klein notes: “I know your next question already: What about requiring matched pairs of RAM for fastest performance? Well, I’ve never really believed that the average user can tell a difference between a machine with matched pairs and one without. There are several studies out there confirming that the infinitesimal speed loss from not interleaving is more than offset by the availability of more physical memory. Any time you can avoid the use of virtual memory, you’re going to see a big speed boost.”

Note that all aluminum MacBooks and MacBook Pros use PC8500 SO RAM and also support up 6GB. We currently only carry 2GB PC8500 SO DIMM chips; the 4GB chips should be in soon.

Please email Email sales with any questions.

Like all our RAM, the 4GB PC5300 chips carry a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed Mac compatible.

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