KB Covers Keyboard Cover for MacBook/Unibody MacBook Pro - Purple

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MFR Part #:
Part #:
90 day, factory
Ships in 1-3 Days

Ships in 1-3 Days


This cover fits all MacBooks, it also fits MacBook Air, and Unibody MacBook Pro & MacBook Pro Retina

We’ve all been there…reaching for a piece of paper and accidentally spilling your coffee across your keyboard; snacking on food to help keep yourself awake at 1:00 AM and having to pick the crumbs out from between the keys the next morning or, better yet,using compressed air to BLAST them out!

We feel your pain…and have a solution – our unique Keyboard Covers for the new MacBook laptops. 100% silicone, they’re molded precisely to cover your entire keyboard and protect it from the endless barrage of spills, crumbs, dust and general wear and tear.


  • First, you can feel the difference. The durable, ultra-thin silicone we use results in a soft tactile feel that does not restrict typing.
  • Second, you can see the difference. Every key is individually molded (including the return key and function keys) and specially printed on black silicone for a long lasting professional look.
  • KB Covers keyboard covers also protect your keyboard from crumbs, liquids, dust, hair, and the oil from your fingers, which can leave marks on your screen when you close your laptop.
  • They are hand washable and easy to keep clean.

Product Information:


  • 13.3-inch MacBook (US Keyboard)
  • 13.3-inch MacBook Air (US Keyboard)
  • 13.3-inch aluminum unibody MacBook (US Keyboard)
  • 13.3-inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro (US Keyboard)
  • 15-inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro (US Keyboard)
  • 17-inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro (US Keyboard)

Ninety (90) day limited warranty from KB Covers

Manufacturer Product#: CV-M-Purple

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