Noren Products AcoustiLock GCab Tower CPU Rack Enclosure

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1 year, factory
Special Order

Special Order


Studio Rated to hold any standard PC, G4/G5 Tower or mini tower.

Curb to curb shipping included in the continental United States.

Noren Products AcoustiLock GCab Tower CPU Rack Enclosure

Hear yourself think different; with the Noren Products family of noise reduction and heat removal cabinets. A separate equipment room is no longer necessary in many cases and our cabinets allow you to work in the same room as your noisy equipment. Choose the Cabinet that best fits your equipment and working environment; office, studio, video suite or home office.

The two standard finishes are black or maple and the cabinets can be accessorized with optional temperature meters, internal lighting, locking doors or slide-out racks and drawers.

The AcoustiLock Cabinets are designed for 115VAC 60Hz power supply with a full sine-wave to operate properly. Some digital voltage step-down devices “CHOP” the sine-wave, which may damage the silent de-hummer fan controller in the cabinets. This could result in the cabinet overheating because of the fan failure due to the fan controller switch failure.


  • Designed for any standard PC, G4/G5 or mini tower.
  • Perfect for any home studio, office or individual cubicle.
  • 800 watts of waste heat removal.
  • Reduces noise by 99% – from 67 dBA down to 35 dBA.
  • Uses a revolutionary new design of labyrinth and baffles to trap noise inside, while allowing hot air to escape.
  • Operates with room temperature air drawn in through a reusable/washable filter, directly to your electronic equipment.
  • Filtered intake air keeps dirt and dust from entering your equipment and reducing performance.
  • Black finish standard (Maple finish available by special order).

Manufacturer Product #: gCab

Product Information

Physical Characteristics

  • Exterior: 32-inch Height x 36-inch Width x 36-inch Depth
  • Interior: 24-inch Height x 12-inch Width x 22-inch Depth
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 159 lbs


  • Professional Audio/Video Studios
  • Home Studios
  • Enternainment Centers
  • IT/Server Rooms or Offices
  • Voice Over/Mixing Studios
  • HD Digital Editors/Storage

Accessories (Sold Separately)

  • Temperature Meter, Digital (°F or °C)
  • Door Locks, Front and/or Rear
  • Internal Light, Front and/or Rear
  • Light Switch, Door controlled on/off
  • 4-inch fully rotating and locking casters
  • Slide-Out Drawer for easy computer access
  • Power Converter (from 220 VAC to 115 VAC)
  • Sub-Floor to support your equipment


  • 1 year limited warranty from Noren

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