Blue Microphones Snowball w/USB Microphone & Tripod - Brushed Aluminium

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MFR Part #:
Part #:
1 year, factory
Ships in 1-3 Days

Ships in 1-3 Days



Includes Snowball USB Microphone and Tripod.

The Blue Snowball incorporates Blue’s revolutionary Ball microphone design with the added convenience of a USB output.

The USB output enables audio signal to be fed directly to software based recording applications without unnecessary preamplifier’s or hardware. The Snowball incorporates two separate capsules for true cardioid and omni-directional pick up.

The cardioid polar pattern has a more focused pick up and generally “hears” what the capsule is pointed at. The omni-directional pattern features a generous pick up area at the front and sides of the microphone capsule.

The sensitivity and signal character of the Snowball results in outstanding clarity and detail while capturing vocals, guitar, drums, percussion and more. A -10dB Pad switch provides added headroom and minimizes distortion when capturing audio at excessive levels.

A definite balance between convenience, design and function, the Blue Snowball is ideal for project studio recording, web casting, voice-over recording and more.


USB Output
The USB output enables direct integration with a desktop or laptop computer, allowing direct recording to software based applications without a preamplifier.

Dual Capsule Design
The dual capsule design incorporates omni-directional and cardioid elements. The cardioid pattern provides a focused pick up pattern while a more generous are is achieved with the omni-directional.

-10 dB Pad
A -10dB pad switch eliminates noise and distortion when capturing signal at extreme levels.

Technical Information:

Dual Capsule Condenser

Polar Pattern

  • Unidirectional (Cardioid)
  • Omnidirectional

Frequency Response
40Hz to 18kHz all 3 positions

Power Requirements
Draws power from USB port

Output Connectors
USB Output

Pad -10dB Pad

Low Frequency Roll-Off No

One (1) year limited warranty from Blue

Manufacturer Product#: SNOWBALLALUMINUM

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