Startech Mini-DVI to HDMI Adapter Cable


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Allows any Mac with Mini-DVI port to push signal to a TV or Display with HDMI connection.

Does NOT carry audio. Video signal only!

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Product Features:

This Mini DVI to HDMI Adapter cable features one 32 pin mini-DVI Male and one HDMI Female connector, allowing the video signal from a mini DVI equipped device to be output to an HDMI equipped TV set or A/V Receiver.

This is the perfect solution for using your HDTV instead of a computer monitor, or watch movies directly on your TV from your mini DVI equipped Apple MacBook or iMac Computer.

One must use the audio connection of the computer in order to hear the content of the video, but access to the video on your external display is certainly a bonus!!

Manufacturer Part #: MDVIHDMIMF


Technical Information:


Cable Length
7.99 in [203 mm]

Connector A
32 pin mini-DVI Male

Connector B
HDMI Female


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Small Dog Review by: TommieFoster on January 2nd, 2012

This cable allows mini-dvi products to connect to modern Hi-Def devices, like my 42 inch LCD television. Connecting my MacBook to my flat screen to watch Hulu is pretty neat. You still need to get a HDMI cable, but you can purchase those anywhere. All in all, a great product.