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Connects Magic Trackpad to Apple Wireless Keyboard

Presto Chango. Magic Wand delivers the keyboard you dreamed of

What is MagicWand? It’s a cool little accessory that connects Apple’s Magic Trackpad to your Apple Wireless Keyboard, creating the sleek, one-piece input device you’ve been imagining. MagicWand creates an amazingly efficient keyboard you can pair with iMac, MacBook and your Apple home theater setup. Use it on your desk, the sofa or anyplace else you use your Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple’s Magic Trackpad.


The future of the keyboard. Multi-touch gestures are a big part of the charm of iPad and key to the future of Mac desktops. MagicWand helps you make the most of that finger tapping, swiping technology by partnering your keyboard with the trackpad. Everyday tasks like editing and renaming family pictures in iPhoto no longer require a reach across the desk. With MagicWand, the only thing to pick up and position while using a Mac are your hands.

A Zen-like workspace, just like that.
If you like a clean, tidy work environment, MagicWand is a must-have. It’s a snap (literally) to set up, and you can position the trackpad on either side of your keyboard (lefty’s rejoice). You will now have the ultimate keyboard before you, one that lets you type, click, scroll and swipe.

Mac home theater mission control.
Use your Mac to browse the web and stream videos and movies from sites like Hulu and YouTube? Imagine doing all that with a one-piece keyboard and trackpad in your hands. With MagicWand you can. A nifty H-beam keeps the keyboard in-line with the trackpad so you can use your MagicWand kit on any surface, including your lap or the armrest on the recliner. Your new keyboard is free to roam.

Photoshop – two hands at a time.
When you set up your MagicWand, you can position the trackpad opposite your mousing hand – and use the mouse and trackpad at the same time. Swipe, pinch, and gesture on the trackpad. Use the mouse for more precise actions like drawing and painting. It’s the best of both worlds.

Manufacturer Product #: 12-1101

Technical Information

What is MagicWand made of?
MagicWand is made of polycarbonate – the same material as a MacBook. This lets you snap your Magic Trackpad and Apple Wireless Keyboard into MagicWand without fear of scratching metal on metal. It also makes MagicWand very light. MagicWand weighs 45 grams, less than the weight of 2 AA batteries.

Which side of the keyboard do you have to place Magic Trackpad?
MagicWand lets you place your trackpad on either side of your Apple Wireless Keyboard. Place it on the side you typically mouse with, or try it on the opposite side and use your Trackpad and mouse together.

Will MagicWand block the power button on my Wireless Keyboard or Trackpad?
Depending on which side you place your Magic Trackpad, you may block access to the power button on your keyboard or trackpad, but that’s okay. Apple’s smart hardware automatically puts itself to sleep when not in use and wakes up just as quickly when you need to use it. There’s no need to power down your keyboard or trackpad. They take their own power naps.

How will I change the batteries on my keyboard and trackpad?
Changing the batteries in your device is easy. Simply remove the H-beam, then gently lift the keyboard or trackpad out of MagicWand to access the battery bay. Once the batteries are installed, snap your keyboard or trackpad into MagicWand, install the H-beam and you’re ready to go.


  • 1 year limited warranty from TwelveSouth

What’s in the box

  • MagicWand
  • H-beam Stabilizer
  • T-pad Insert

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Customer Review by: ted b on March 30th, 2011

LOVE this product! I have wanted my wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad to be one unit for awhile, but couldn't find anything to make that happen. I can take this with me on the go whenever I need to. Its very sturdy and does the trick. I highly recommend this to anyone! I wish I would have thought of this idea! :)

Customer Review by: tamon on August 13th, 2011

The Magic Wand is a great little tool. Connecting your trackpad to your keyboard is very nice when not working at a standard desk setup. Say you have a Mac Mini Hooked up to your TV. Just attach your keyboard and trackpad together to have one unified unit for surfing from the couch. Most Excellent indeed. Could be a little sturdier, but if its on your lap, you wont notice any flex in it anyway.

Customer Review by: rziebell on March 29th, 2011

Very unimpressed with a piece of round plastic for $30.00. I thought it had a "base". Instead it just clamps the two units together.