V7 Soft Touch Pro Keyboard Cover for MacBook and MacBook Pro - Green


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Fits MacBook (all generations) and Unibody MacBook Pro (13", 15", 17")!

What About This?


We’ve got you covered! V7 Soft Touch Pro Silicone Keyboard Protectors offer a stylish means of safeguarding portable 13”, 15” or 17” keyboards from dirt, dust, spills, finger oils, and bacteria. They are available in a range of colors.

The blue, green, pink and purple protectors add a pop of color to your machine, while the black protector allows you to maintain the original appearance of your MacBook Pro or bring bold contrast to your white MacBook.


  • Fits Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro 13”, 15” & 17” models
  • Snug-fitting, ultra-sensitive, soft touch overlay design prevents movement
  • Long-lasting keyboard protection against dirt, dust, spills, finger oils, and bacteria
  • Made of durable premium high-grade silicone
  • Removable for easy cleaning with mild soap and water
  • Personalizes your computer by adding a splash of color


Product Information:


  • Apple MacBook
  • Apple MacBook Pro

Ninety (90) day limited warranty from V7

Manufacturer Product#: MB1357GRN


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