Applecore Cable Management - Medium


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Item includes ONE Medium Applecore and specific colors are not available for online orders. Color will be chosen at random.


  • Designed specifically for earbuds, the small AppleCore is great for managing thinner cables.
  • Made of a thermo-plastic elastomer material, the Applecore is flexible enough to made winding and unwinding cables easy, but rigid enough to keep its shape and hold your cables tightly.


Product Information

Manufacturer Product#: COREMED


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Small Dog Review by: TommieFoster on January 5th, 2012

I have several pair of headphones that have cords that are longer than normal. I have had to replace said headphones repeatedly because I often would wrap the cord around the device, or the headphones themselves, warping and fraying the cord and severely limiting the lifespan of those products. The Applecore Cable Management alleviates that by providing a sturdy, elegant, and simple storage solution that will increase the longevity of my rather expensive headphones.