KB Covers ClearSkin 11 Ultra-Clear Kybd Cover for MacBook Air 11in


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Designed to protect from dust, dirt, and spills, the ClearSkin keyboard cover has been perfectly engineered to fit your MacBook Air 11-inch notebook. The ClearSkin keyboard cover is the thinnest, clearest cover we have ever made.

And now, it has been specially molded to fit the keys on the MacBook Air 11-inch keyboard.

The ClearSkin keyboard cover is made of a 0.1mm advanced space-age plastic, so clear that it is almost invisible when put on the keyboard…and because it is so thin, you can hardly notice it when typing.


  • Protects your notebook computer
  • Hand washable and easy to keep clean.


Product Information

MacBook Air 11in(US Keyboard)

Ninety (90) day limited warranty from KB Covers

Manufacturer Product#: ClearSkin-M11-US


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