Kanex SnapX 2x Switcher for Mac


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Compact two-port switcher designed for Apple LED Cinema Displays 27 and 24 inch. Control two Macs with your keyboard, mouse and get full audio.

What About This?


Two Macs, One Display

Winner of MacWorld’s Best Consumer Hardware, Kanex SnapX is a compact two-port switcher designed for Apple LED Cinema Displays 27 and 24 inch. Control two Macs with your keyboard, mouse and get full audio. Simply connect the two built-in mini DisplayPort cables with USB from the SnapX to your Mac computers, plug the display cable to the unit and you are set.


Effortless Mac Switching

With the SnapX, switching from your MacBook Air to your Mac mini is a “snap” away. Toggle between the two sources by pressing the button on top and watch the LED light switch. No external power required for the SnapX.

iSight camera and audio through USB ports

Use your iSight camera and get full audio from the display’s built-in speakers seamlessly with the use of USB pass through cables.

Extended Reach

SnapX provides a convenient length of 5ft. (1.5m) dual cables built-in to the unit, thus providing an extension without unnecessary cables and adapters.

Clip-on Design

For optimum flexibility and ergonomics, SnapX easily clips on by just sliding underneath your Apple LED Cinema Display stand. Functionally designed for any desktop or office application that requires secured switching and extending without compromise.

Cable Clutter Free

SnapX hides all wires neatly behind the display providing a clutter-free environment on your desk. It also reduces stress on the connectors and prevents intermittent signal loss due to loose cable connections.


Technical Specifications:


  • Mac Mini: Early 2009, Late 2009, Mid 2010, Mid 2011
  • Macbook: Late 2008, Late 2009, Mid 2010
  • Macbook Air: Late 2008, Mid 2009, Late 2010, Mid 2010, Mid 2011
  • Macbook Pro: Late 2008, Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011
  • Mac Pro: Early 2009, Late 2010, Mid 2010


  • 2x Mini DisplayPort Male (Front Source)
  • 2x USB A Male (From USB Host, or to USB Device)


  • 1x Mini DisplayPort Female (to display)
  • 1x USB A Female (to USB device or from USB Host)


  • No power supply needed. Powered through USB or MDP (source). Voltage: 3~5V, Current: <180mA
  • Power Consumption: 0.9W

Size (L-W-H):

  • 3.4in. X 2.75in. X 0.68in.


3.4in. X 2.75in. X 0.68in.

Operating Temperature:

  • 0° to +70°

Operating Humidity:

  • 10% to 85% RH (no condensation)

Storage Temperature:

  • -10° to +80°

Storage Humidity:

  • 5% to 90% RH (no condensation)

NOTE: Not compatible with Thunderbolt display.

Manufacturer Warranty: One year

Manufacturer Product #: SNAPX


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