RJ Cooper iPad Capacitive HeadPointer (includes stylus)

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1 year, factory
Ships in 7-10 Days

Ships in 7-10 Days


Love the iPad! Love how it’s changed our fields of AT/AAC so radically! Love that people that can point with a finger can access a beautiful interface and computing experience, from instructional materials, to web surfing, email, Facebook, Twitter, and all that able-bodied persons take for granted.
However, in the area of Assistive Tech device access, it’s a bit ‘locked’. That is, all the methods that we’ve cultivated and grown since about 1985, will not work with the iPad: joystick, trackball, head tracking, eyegazing, etc.

So, in an effort to allow people that cannot access an iPad/tablet via ‘Direct Select’ via hand/finger, RJ Cooper is offering a combination of 2 different existing products, to make a new access method for iPads and any tablet that has a ‘capacitive’ (requires electricity from your body through direct skin contact) touchscreen. One product is a capacitive mouthstick and the other is an existing headpointer. They adapt 2 products to make a new one. In other words, they replace the headpointer’s ‘pointer’ with a mouthstick.

The mouthstick that replaces the pointer is special in that it does not require any skin contact to activate/control the iPad/tablet.

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