Synology DiskStation DS1513+ Network Storage Server

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The Synology DS1513+ is built for speed. With dual core CPU and expandable RAM capacity, the DS1513+ is ideal for the mission critical tasks of SMBs as well as the most intensive applications from data-encryption to video-transcoding.

The DS1513+ DiskStation 5-Bay NAS Server from Synology is a network attached storage solution built for speed and reliability. This NAS server provides everything from multimedia streaming to virtualization support and domain integration. Whether using this NAS server for home or office you can rest assured this server will provide the support needed to save and distribute your files effectively and efficiently. Along with virtualization support and domain integration you also benefit from enhanced cloud services and mobile device integration.

The DS1513+ comes equipped with a 2.13 GHz dual core processor and 2GB of DDR3 RAM for enhanced system performance. The RAM within this server can also be upgraded to 4GB if necessary. Insert either 3.5” or 2.5” SATA (II) drives into any one of the five bays located on the back of the enclosure for up to 20TB of storage. Connecting this server has also been simplified as you can take advantage of four redundant Gigabit Ethernet ports ensuring reliable network connectivity should one of the ports fail. Along with redundant LAN support, you also benefit from four USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports allowing you to easily connect a variety of peripheral devices such as USB printers, external hard drives and more.

Cloud Services

A Complete Private Cloud Solution
Synology offers a complete cloud solution helping users take advantage of hosting a private cloud solution without the hassle of network configuration. Starting from the fundamental network structure to managing file sync on multiple devices, you benefit from a simplified setup process.

File Sync with Cloud Station
Have files synced with enhanced security, privacy, and unlimited services. Cloud Station pushes every file to all your devices with up-to-date versions so you can access the files anywhere, anytime.

  • Sync files of various file sizes with an maximum of 10GB
  • Retain up to 32 previous versions and roll back to any version easily
  • View and access files even without Internet connection
  • Sync and share files among group members with nearly unlimited user accounts and shared folders
  • Enhance data transmission with SSL data encryption, HTTPS and Proxy options

You Content is Always Up-to-Date with DS Cloud

  • DS cloud automatically syncs the important files for you.
  • Support offline viewing
  • Customize sync rules, including file size limitations and file types to sync file with
  • SSL Encryption is supported for better security
  • DS cloud is available on iOS device and Android devices

Establish Remote Connection with QuickConnect
Easily access your DiskStation outside of your local area network. QuickConnect is designed to help you set up the connection without the need to configure any router settings. With QuickConnect enabled, you will be able to use Cloud Station to sync files between your home and work computers. Aside from DS cloud, QuickConnect also supports mobile remote access to DS file, DS audio, and DS photo+.

Complete Multimedia Platform

Video Station
Video Station keeps all of your movies, videos, and TV shows neatly categorized so you can always find what you want. Equip your DiskStation with USB DTV tuners to easily record and stream live TV shows

  • Store and manage movies, TV shows, and home TV shows in a centralized location
  • Video information will be collected via automatic Internet metadata searching, set in your preferred language
  • Live stream or record TV programs simultaneously with multiple dongle streaming support
  • Enjoy widescreen entertainment with AirPlay and DLNA streaming
  • Watch videos and manage recording schedules with DS video on mobile devices

Synology’s Virtualization Support

VMware VAAI Support
With VMware vSphere 5and full VAAI support you benefit from Hardware Assisted Locking (ATS), Block Zero, Full Copy, and Thin Provisioning. When deploying Synology DiskStation and RackStation you benefit from:

  • Faster operation performance of VMs achieved by offloading cycles from ESXi to storage array
  • More effective utilization of storage arrays delivered by virtual machines with VAAI support
  • Better flexibility for deploying and migrating VMs
  • Higher storage performance and storage efficiency with VMFS-5 file system
  • Smoother access and management efficiency with load balancing automation in Storage vMotion

Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V
Synology DiskStation and RackStation pass Windows Server 2012 certification. Businesses are able to leverage the functionalities of Microsoft-certified storage solutions including: live storage migration, capability, Hyper-V Replica, and storage capacity.

  • Boost performance and flexibility when migrating running VM without downtime
  • Accelerate VM capability to simplify management and cost; Allocate up to 64 virtual processors and up to 1TB memory
  • Leverage new VHDX format and its ability support up to 64TB storage per virtual hard disk to flexibly accommodate to enterprise request
  • Ensure business continuity and minimize disaster recovery time with real-time VM remote replication

Domain Integration

Extensive Support for Active Directory & LDAP
Synology NAS provides extensive support for Active Directory and LDAP to give businesses the flexibility and simplicity they need to manage a complex organization. By joining to the Active Directory or LDAP domain service, end users gain single sign-on to the Synology NAS through their domain account. IT managers can host their own LDAP server and centrally manage access and account control. With the same domain account, end users can also access various DSM services directly.

Joining Active Directory
The Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) from Microsoft provides many advantages in managing a complex network. IT manager can centrally store device names, user names, passwords, and other information in one place, enhance network security, reduce overhead cost and more. When a Synology NAS is joined to an Active Directory, IT managers don’t need to create separate accounts and duplicate security information and end users can use single domain account to access the Synology NAS.

Hosting LDAP Server
Synology NAS can act as an independent LDAP server to provide businesses with centralized account and permission management and enhanced security through a simple-to-use management interface. IT managers can use the LDAP server to create domain user accounts and define access rights for shared folders, storage quota and various DSM applications on the Synology NAS. IT managers can also join a Synology NAS to an existing LDAP domain service.

DSM Apps Integration
In addition to accessing shared folders and files in the network, Synology NAS also allows end users to access various DSM services and apps directly with single domain account. For example, IT managers can allow end users to access Cloud Station to sync files across multiple devices or facilitate project collaboration.

Synology High Availability

Ensure Business Continuity
This Synology High Availability solution provides a reliable, simple-to-use failover mechanism to recover from physical and service failures.

  • Automate system recovery and resume service efficiently
  • Heartbeat mechanism to detect and respond to system failure timely
  • Web-based, easy to use management interface

Heartbeat & Failover Protection
The SHA harnesses dual Synology NAS storage servers into a high available cluster. The Heartbeat feature allows a primary and backup server to determine if the other is “alive”. When one of the servers experiences service or physical failure, the other will utilize fail over resources ensuring service resumes automatically. Install SHA on your Synology NAS storage servers to minimize service downtime.

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