Cobra 400W DC-to-AC Power Inverter

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MFR Part #:
Part #:
2 year, factory
Ships in 1-3 Days

Ships in 1-3 Days


This inverter provides household power on the go! It converts battery power to 120 V AC household power, allowing you to power up office equipment and household appliances from your vehicle. It also has a USB output, ideal for using/charging most small video games, an IPod®, a Blackberry®, mobile phones, and many more USB devices. Cigarette lighter cord and direct-to-battery cables are included. This unit is ideal for laptops, 13” TVs, video games, CD players, DVD players, cellular phone chargers, and much more!

This unit is appropriate for the following applications (typical required wattage shown):

  • Can Opener or Electric Knife (100W)
  • 12” 3-Speed Fan (250W)
  • Mixer/Blender (300W)
  • Food Processor (400W)
  • Video Game System (20W)
  • 12” Black and White TV (30W)
  • Video Cassette Recorder (VCR; 30W)
  • Mini CD Changer System (50W)
  • 13-25” Color TV (80-220W)
  • 13” Color TV/VCR Combo (230W)
  • 2 Amp Stereo Amplifier (240W)
  • Inkjet/Bubblejet Printer (40W)
  • Laptop Computer (50W)
  • Fax Machine (120W)
  • 14” Color Monitor (125W)
  • Laptop/Cell Phone/Camcorder Charger (25W)
  • 7.2V Cordless Drill Charger (25W)
  • Cordless Saw Charger (35W)
  • Hot Melt Glue Gun (40W)
  • Finishing Sander (190W)
  • 1/4” Drill (300W)
  • Soldering Gun (300W)
  • 6” Bench Grinder (400W)
  • 790 F Heat Gun (400W)

To determine required wattage for a device, look up required Amps a device is rated (this Amperage is found on device I.D. tag in back of unit) then multiply Amps × Volts = Watts

Weight: 2.00 LBS.
Height: 2.59”
Width: 4.17”
Length: 6.45”

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