The OS X Mavericks Pocket Guide


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By Jeff Carlson

What About This?


This low-priced, practical guide is packed with handy information for people who want to jump right in and start using OS X Mavericks. Author Jeff Carlson is like your smart techy neighbor, sitting at elbow guiding you through how to get the most out of Mavericks. Jeff will show you how to:


  • Download, set up, and start using Mavericks
  • Manage files with iCloud
  • Swipe, pinch, and scroll: Master Mavericks’ Mult-Touch gestures
  • Install applications from the Mac App Store
  • Stay in touch: Enjoy video call with family and friends with FaceTime and chat them up with Messages
  • Don’t miss another email or family event with Notifications
  • Read your ebooks with iBooks
  • In addition, Jeff offers plenty of tips and tricks for getting the most from Mavericks.


Product Information

  • Copyright 2014
  • Pages: 264
  • Edition: 1st


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