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By Jason Rich

My iPad covers all iPads with iOS 7

IPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks provides simple, step-by-step directions for mastering all that’s new within iOS 7. This book helps iPhone and/or iPad users learn about time-saving shortcuts and efficiency-enhancing tools for using their Apple mobile devices, specifically with what’s new in iOS 7.

It provides ideas regarding new ways people can use their iPhone or iPad to enhance their lives, become more productive, become better organized, and to entertain themselves while on-the-go.

This guide teaches i-users to explore and utilize all of their device’s built-in features and functions, first focusing on what’s new in iOS 7, and then covering how this operating system upgrade has impacted other apps.

The reader will be able to quickly find and immediately learn the new information they want or need, without having to read the book from cover-to-cover. IPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks includes coverage on new features and designs such as the glass-like inteface, typography, icons, and onscreen elements.

Throughout the book are callouts labelled: Tip, Timesaver, Caution, What’s New, and More Info. These callouts highlight tidbits of useful information which will help an iPhone or iPad user quickly become proficient using a specific new feature or function.

With simple step-by-step directions, full-color screen shots, and tips and tricks throughout, the reader will be an iPad and iPhone pro in no time at all!

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Pages: 560
  • Edition: 1s

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