Cobra 800W DC-to-AC Power Inverter


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This 800W DC-to-AC Power Inverter provides household power on the go! It converts battery power to 120 V AC household power, allowing you to power up office equipment and household appliances from your vehicle. It also has a USB output, ideal for using/charging most small video games, an IPod, a Blackberry, mobile phones, and many more USB devices. Direct-to-battery cables are included. This unit is ideal for laptops, 13” TVs, video games, CD players, DVD players, cellular phone chargers and much more!


Receptacles: 1 x USB, 2 x AC Out
Input Voltage: 12 V DC
Frequency: 58 Hz to 62 Hz
Output Voltage: 109 to 120 V AC, 5 V DC
Load Capacity: 800 W Continuous Power / 1.60 kW Peak Power
Waveform Type: Modified Sine Wave
Height: 2.8”
Width: 5”
Weight (Approximate): 4.20 lb
Limited Warranty: 2 Year


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