Hammerhead Bumper for Phone 5c - Deep Purple


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Bumper for iPhone 5C

What About This?


Hammerhead introduces the BUMPER for iPhone 5c. Change up your style with a variety of color options that compliment the bright colors offered by Apple for the 5c.


  • Dependable TPU material in a solid piece construction.
  • All ports and buttons are accessible.
  • Minimalistic style with maximum corner and side protection.


Product Information


  • iPhone 5c

90 day limited warranty from Hammerhead


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Customer Review by: Liz R on May 19th, 2014

I wanted the look and feel of Spring (which may show up in the Catskills by July), so I got the purple Hammerhead bumper for my green 5c. It’s perfectly jazzy and has a nice grippy design embedded into the side surfaces so I won’t drop the thing. Love it.