Matias Laptop Pro Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth - Silver/Black Keys

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Part #:
1 year, factory
Ships in 7-10 Days

Ships in 7-10 Days


Connect wirelessly to your Mac, smartphone, or tablet while at home and away with the silver and black Matias Laptop Pro Bluetooth Keyboard. Small enough to slip into your laptop sleeve, and with a very long battery life, the Laptop Pro is a convenient choice for travel. A 6.5’ cable is provided for charging the keyboard via one of the three USB ports. Use the other two USB ports for charging two more devices simultaneously.

The Laptop Pro’s key switches provide tactile feedback while still being quiet enough to use in a shared environment. The laser-etched keys will retain their symbols even after lengthy use, and the sculpted shape helps keep your fingers centered without slipping. The Laptop Pro is designed for use with Macs and has all the same function keys as a traditional Apple keyboard, but can also be used with Windows computers when the Option & Command keys are configured to Alt & Win. Anti-Ghosting Circuitry prevents skipped and added letters, no matter how fast you type.

Fast, Comfortable, Quiet Typing
The Laptop Pro’s key switches deliver generous amounts of tactile feedback, while providing enough resistance to support the weight of your hands. Matias Quiet Click mechanical switches are designed to be quiet enough to use in office environments without disturbing coworkers.

Shortcuts & Function Keys
Just like an Apple keyboard, the Laptop Pro’s function keys let you control screen brightness, volume, iTunes, and more. And the Fn key lets you momentarily change the function keys back to their traditional duties when you need them. Some handy symbols, such as €, £, and , are printed right on the keys – hold down the Option key for the bottom-right characters, or Shift-Option for top-right characters.

Laser-Etched, Anti-Ghosting Keys
The keys on the Laptop Pro are laser etched – burned into the keys with a laser – so they won’t wear off and leave you searching for the symbol you need. The keytops are also sculpted to fit the curve of your fingertips, to keep your fingers from sliding out of home position. And thanks to Anti-Ghosting Circuitry, no matter how fast you type, the Laptop Pro can keep up without ghosting – no letters missing, and no additional letters that you didn’t type.

Long Battery Life
The 1600mAh battery is designed to last for a very long time without needing to be recharged. And thanks to the long battery life, there was no need to reduce polling rates to save power, so there is no perceptible lag between when you’ve hit a key and when it registers.

3 x USB 2.0 Charging Ports
The USB ports on the Laptop Pro let you charge the keyboard and up to 2 other devices while you’re charging the keyboard. To charge only the keyboard, a USB port on your computer provides sufficient power (500mA or 2.5W) and takes up to 5 hours for a complete charge. For charging multiple devices, you need more power. A 5W USB Power Adapter gives you enough power to charge one extra device, and a 12W USB Power Adaptor or a generic iPad charger provide more than enough power to charge 2 extra devices through the keyboard.


Actuation Force
60 g
Travel Distance
0.14” / 3.5 mm
Keystroke Life Span
50 Million


USB Ports
3 x USB Type-A (USB 2.0)
Full-Functionality OS Support
Android, Mac, Windows, iOS


Internal Battery Type
1600 mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer


Cable Length
6.5’ / 2 m
Dimensions (L x W x H)
13.3 × 6.5 × 1.4” / 337.0 × 165.0 × 35.0 mm
2.2 lb / 1.0 kg

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