360 Electrical Power Curve 6 Outlet Surge Protector


Ships Monday, 6/26

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It swivels so you can fit all your devices more easily.

What About This?


  • 6 Rotating Electrical Outlets to Fit Large Plugs
  • 1080 Joules of Advanced Surge Protection
  • 4’ Power Cord
  • Auto Shut Down Technology shuts down power in the event of a surge
  • 1080 Joules of advanced surge protection.
  • 4 foot cord.
  • Auto shutdown technology cuts power in the event of a major surge.
  • On/off switch with integrated 15-amp overload circuit breaker reset for easy recovery .
  • Six 360 rotating outlets can adjust to fit a wide variety of large plugs.


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Customer Review by: Counsellor Troy on February 20th, 2015

Great product. Now you can put all those "bricks" on a single strip. Very handy!